Wotans Nation

     Welcome to the Home Page of Wotans Nation. Nestled on 50 acres in the beautiful hill country of East Tennessee, Wotans Nation is a project dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the traditional religious and spirituality of the indigenous Europeans that make up the majority in this nation. We are witnessing a great rebirth among our Folk, one in which our people are being called home by the spirits of our ancestors and the Gods of our forefathers. Wotans Nation is a visible manifestation of this calling, with Heathens coming together to begin rebuilding and helping our Folk to reconnect with nature and our cultural and religious roots.

      Many of our Folk today have become spiritually ungrounded, feeling as if they are missing a vital piece from their lives. This is natural for those of European heritage as the predominantly Christian West has by and large adopted a religion that is inherently foreign to them. Far from being the mindless savages depicted by a Christian based society, native European heathens had a highly developed set of mythos and spirituality dating back thousands of years before the Christian invasion of Europe and the forcible conversion to Christianity began. But as the modern day Christian church is in decline, due largely to corruption and its acceptance and even promotion of policies that are inherently destructive to the people of European descent, we are seeing a huge resurgence of interest in the Heathen religion. The deep connection our Folk feel to the power of nature cannot be denied and it is this primal instinct to return to our natural roots that is making the Heathen religion the second fastest growing religion on the planet, second only to Islam. As the indigenous Europeans are increasingly being called home by our ancient Gods there arises a need for our folk to have a place to practice our religion freely, without fear of social stigma and in a healthy and natural environment among other culturally and spiritually similar people. It is in that spirit that the Wotans Nation project has been formed.

     Wotans Nation is a Folkish Heathen community first and foremost. Far removed from just another social media outlet or a sporadically scattered and thinly grouped organization. Rather Wotans Nation is an actual community within Eastern Tennessee made up of Folkish Heathens coming together and working as a theologically based community.

     The Nation offers community, comradery with like minded Folkish Heathens, training programs in all aspects of natural living, theological study, ceremony, tradition, self reliance as well as up and coming projects such as the Hof, Mead Hall, community and training center and trade centers. Future projects will also include rental cabins that will be made available for visitors to the project.

     Wotans Nation offers ceremonial events for Hand Fastenings/Weddings, burial rites, birth rites and a large number of other such ceremonial events that are recognized by the state. Wotans Nation is a recognized and legal religious organization meaning that we are a functional and official religious organization within the United States and as such are tax exempt for donation purposes and can and do offer legal religious ceremonial events upon request for the Folkish community.

     Wotans Nation offers membership within the Nation to Folkish Heathens that meet the requirements and are willing to move into the Nation and become active participants in the community, we do not have chapters located outside of the Nation but we do offer supporter status to those that cannot, for whatever reason, make the move into the Nation. Supporters are those that donate time, funds or other such support to the Wotan Nation Project even though they cannot move into the Nation. Supporters have access to the community, are free to visit and take part in all events and programs as they can as long as they are in good standing within the Nation.

     Membership is not automatic, there is a process to be taken to gain membership status in order to ensure quality over quantity and that those entering into the community are a fit and that the community is a fit for them. We will ensure that all looking for membership clear background checks for safety of the community as a whole. Time will be spent with those looking for entry as well as with any and all family members that will be joining them, as we are a family based community.

     Wotans Nation offers a chance to participate in an ongoing effort to promote and disseminate our ancient spirituality and heritage. There are a number of construction and other projects planned and we hope that we can count on the support of Heathens from around the world to aid us in our efforts. Follow our progress here as we will document the building process and show all that we are real and actively engaging in making Wotans Nation the largest and most important Heathen site in North America. We envision Wotans Nation as becoming the spiritual center of the Heathen religion in this nation and our board of directors have dedicated their own personal fortunes to purchase the property and begin the building process but we need your support to make the vision of a Heathen spiritual site and experience a reality. As this site is new there will be almost continuous updates and new products being added to the online store.  We hope that you will contribute and aid us in our efforts. Please use all social media and networking to help us spread the word that Wotans Nation has arrived and we are here to stay.

     Wotans Nation will be a growing community and as more members come in more projects and programs will be offered. We urge supporters and Folkish Heathens to partake in as many programs and events as they can, we offer our services to those in good standing and are of like minded individuals within the Folkish community as a whole. We hope to see more and more take an interest in the Nation, in what we offer and we hope to see Folkish Heathens in all regions to look upon Wotans Nation as a home, as a place they can live or visit and be amongst other like minded Folkish Heathens and celebrate together, learn and grow together and to help ensure a future for our Faith, our Folk and for our children. May the Gods favor our cause!!!