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Erik Thorvaldsson

Jarls Corner

I have heard and seen it posted of how people feel disconnected, bored or simply feel the need and urge to wander to simply pack all they have and head off into the great wasteland in search of adventure, especially those of our Faith. We as a Folk feel disconnected to modern society, to our surroundings and those we are forced to interact with on a daily basis. We feel a primal urge to escape modern society, we feel as if we were “born in the wrong time”, we feel displaced as if everything around us is not of us. There is a reason for all of this, our primal urges, our natural instincts are telling us that our surroundings, the modern era is out of balance, the socio-political climate is out of natural order, modern society is degenerate and out of synch with natural law and order and our Folk are very connected with nature and what we have today is as far from natural as one can get.
Here is the thing, you cannot run, hide nor escape what is taking place as it is all around us, every corner of the globe, every Nation on Earth is being transformed by design. Basically, there is no where left to White Flight to, we as a Folk are backed in to the proverbial corner which leaves us but two options, fight or die.
We have the natural urge to explore, seek adventure and grow as a people and yet we live in a time that puts us in boxes. Boxed in schools, boxed in homes, boxed in communities, boxed in jobs and eventually boxed in coffins. So what is the answer you may ask? How do I (we) escape the mundane, the dull and tedious modern life that we find ourselves in? The answer is simple and yet complex at the same time. We are in an age that is out of synch with natural law, modern society hates us and seeks to destroy us, we are displaced in our own lands being overrun by invaders not of the Faith, the Folk nor of the Family and yet here we are struggling to exist. The answer is we are here, in this time at this moment by design, by Norns Decree because we are the ones chosen to fight this fight. Our spirits are strong enough, should we embrace this challenge, to turn the tide and fight this war. We are chosen to live in the Wolf Age and to usher in the next era following Ragnarok.
So, you may ask, what do we do from here? The natural instinct to run, to find new meaning is natural and correct but how do we answer that calling? How do we find what it is that we are looking for? This is the complex part, the difficult task. We find and build our tribes, we work together to develop our communities within this rotten cesspool of a society and begin to build from within, to prepare ourselves and our Folk for the trials that lie before us, that storm that is just over the horizon. We answer the call that each and every one of us feel by becoming active and involved…again, we become active and involved in something far greater than ourselves, something of historical significance, something so great that is one sits down and tries to take it all in one becomes overwhelmed with the greatness of it all. Each one of us are on a great journey, we are all on the same path it is just a matter of who answers that call and who stays the path. The glory is there for those of us that answer and stay the course, as difficult and trying as it is and will be. So, the simple answer is find your tribe and then work, train, develop and prepare for the storm that approaches and you will find satisfaction and fulfillment like never before… .

Erik Thorvaldsson

Jarls Corner
As we wind down the final hours of 2018 and ready ourselves for the approaching New Year let us take a few minutes prior to over indulging in adult beverages and good times and ponder the past year. All things good and bad hold a lesson for us in life, if we allow it to teach us. Reach out to the Gods and our ancestors tonight, welcome them to your gathering and homes and ask them to guide you in the coming year and to help you learn lessons of the year now gone by. Cut loose things that hold you back and embrace things that lift you up.
Find those things and people toxic to you, your your Folk and remove them or allow them to self remove and open room for those that will help you and your Tribe to grow and progress.
Happy New Years from Wotans Nation and may the Gods and ancestors bless you and yours in the coming year.

For Faith, Folk and Family!

Erik Thorvaldsson

yesterday at 8:59 am

Jarls Corner

I have heard it asked numerous times as to why there aren’t more tribes and kindreds or Folkish Organizations available. Well, the answer is rather simple. Because you haven’t stepped up to do the hard task and created one. It is far easier to join an existing organization, if they are in/around your area than it is to put in the money, time, energy and effort of creating one. Also, those that do put in the money, time, energy and effort to create said tribe, kindred or Folkish Organization then must deal with the constant drama, complaints, bitching and whispering behind the back of those that decided to join an existing group. People will be here today and gone tomorrow over the most simple of disagreements or are off to presumed greener pastures in another organization rather than help create and build the one they are in. It is far easier to blame the leadership and membership of a group rather than look in the mirror and see where the majority of the issues lie. So, my suggestion to those looking? Find a tribe that you can most agree with (understand you will never find anyone you agree with 100% of the time) and then give 100% to it. If there is not one within a few hours drive of you, stand up, man up, and create one. Hel, Wotans Nation will be glad to assist as will several other kindreds out there. Reach out, ask questions. Stop looking for perfection, it doesn’t exist, stop feeding drama or feeding the gossip mongers and be part of the solution rather than part of the problem.

Erik Thorvaldsson

Jarls Corner


Loyalty is defined as “the quality of being loyal to someone or something.” And also as “a strong feeling of support or allegiance.” I feel inclined in this Jarls Corner to give the basic definition of “Loyalty” as it would seem the concept is such a foreign idea to so many in the modern world, even among those that consider themselves to be Folkish. It is easy to speak of things, to say we should do this or we should do that but it is something very different to act upon those words. It is as if people think simply saying something is enough, as if by posting a statement or saying the words makes it so that living by these words is not necessary. It is a sad statement to make, but let us always be honest, it is a factually based statement.
Loyalty in the modern age of self centeredness, me-centric thought processes and the “what is in it for me” mentality is a very foreign concept indeed. To be loyal means putting others above your own self, putting the Faith, Folk and Family first and foremost and remaining supportive of these things and of those within the Tribe above your own selfish needs, desires and interests. This concept flies in the face of modernism, of modern way of life, of instant gratification and self first pleasure. To be loyal today seems as foreign a concept as does living the Nine Noble Virtues in a day in age that most people laugh at the mere suggestion of such.
Loyalty begins at home, in the relationship we build with our loved ones, our spouse. As we see in the modern world, being unfaithful and disloyal is widely celebrated and actually expected. Why, to be loyal and faithful to your partner means robbing yourself of so many pleasures! But yet, if we cannot maintain that loyalty to our spouse, the one we declared to love and cherish then how can we expect to be loyal to the Cause, the Tribe, the Folk or the Faith? It is simple, we cannot.
Loyalty is the foundation upon which we build relationships, friendships, brotherhoods, tribes and community. Without loyalty we have nothing, we are nothing. Without loyalty we cannot trust nor believe in anyone nor anything. We must be loyal in order to expect others to act in the same manner and once that loyalty is given, we must take great pains not to break that trust, to betray that loyalty as once broken, it is rare to gain it back.
The leadership of the tribe and community must maintain a loyal relationship with the members of that tribe and community and in the same manner those within the tribe must remain loyal to the leadership, each depends on the other and the entirety of Faith, Folk and Family depend on a mutually loyal relationship within the tribe and within the Folkish Community as a whole. For again, without loyalty, we are nothing.

Erik Thorvaldsson

Jarls Corner

Corporate Organizationalism

I have said numerous times and will continue to do so that tribe is superior in every way to organization. The mindset of organization boils down to quantity over quality, a shotgun effect at gaining mass numbers in hopes of gaining dues and active members willing to participate in sporadic events and gatherings. The age old “tried and true” method of accepting applications and application dues from far and wide in order to gain as many members as possible and then hope they pay dues, are active and will remain both over a period of time which, they tend to not do. Organizations tend to be spread out over a vast region with few members close enough together to ever actually meet save for a few events or meetings a few times a year. While this concept may work for gaining quantity, it fails miserably at gaining quality.
Where the organization focuses on mass numbers and dues collections the tribe focuses on community, Faith, Folk and Family. It creates a close knit group of like minded Folkish Heathens and then builds upon it. Each one contributing to the betterment of the tribe, the community, the Folk and in return, bettering themselves. The tribe will prove time and time again far superior in every aspect, save for sheer numbers, over the organization. Where the organization is widespread and meets occasionally, the tribe is within a short driving distance, holds gatherings weekly and more often than not, a few times a week thus building trust, strengthening bonds and building up that community that will work together, grow together and help ensure a future for our Folk and our children. It is the tribe that will maintain itself in difficult times and the organization that will crumble and fall apart due to rare interaction, moderate comradery and vast distances between members.
The future will not be found in the “tried and true” methods of Corporate Organizationalism but rather in the ancient path of our Folk, tribalism. It will be tribes that carry on long after organizations have been forgotten about, the tribe will give sanctuary, safety, training, sense of belonging, leadership and family rather than a simple membership card and quarterly meetings. It will be within the various tribes that our Folk find themselves and our children discover who they truly are and who they were intended to be, it will be the tribe that brings individuals together and gives them reason, purpose and belonging in a manner that an organization never could.
It will also be various like minded Folkish tribes working together that will build a confederation connecting the tribes together that will allow inter-tribal trade, training and safety and again will prove, over time, vastly superior to organizations. Each tribe acting as its own entity but working together with other tribes for the betterment of the whole and again, working together toward Faith, Folk and Family and a future for our children. While our Folk were never meant to live in massive corporate states or belong to corporate minded organizations, we were meant to live as a tribe, working together for the betterment of each but still independent and free, gathering together in celebration and defense then returning to our own lands. It is this mindset, the tribal mindset that will become the future for our Folk, replacing the “tried and true” methods of Corporate Organizationalism and allowing our Folk to discover their roots, find themselves and their ancestors and the Gods, it will be the tribal life that allows our Folk to overcome the odds that we face today. Our people are, by nature, a tribal people and it is in the tribal life that we will find what we need to ensure that future we so desperately desire.

Erik Thorvaldsson

Jarls Corner

Excuses and Reasons
We had a saying the military “the maximum effective range of an excuse is zero meters.” Rather fitting I think and yet all too often we hear excuses and reasons as to why people cannot or will not get involved, help the tribe or donate time and/or funds. There always seems to be some excuse forthcoming when people are asked why they cannot help, cannot assist cannot make an event or helping accomplish needed tasks and accomplish goals. Work, school, family, issues and problems. There are always reasons why they were unable to attend or make a function or go through with an assigned task or volunteer work they agreed to do. Car broke down, pet grew ill, family member became ill etc, etc, etc.
While things can and do come up, more often than not it is simply a matter of not wanting to bother, it isn’t important enough in the scheme of things to actually put forth the effort. After all we are so busy, busy, busy in our own lives what with family, work, pets, paying bills and the million other reasons and excuses that we cannot possibly make the time to actually DO something. Out time is much too valuable and again, we are oh so busy!
Those in an organization know all too well that the few end up pulling the weight of the many. All too often it is the same few that pull that load, over and over and over while the rest are simply along for the ride and will occasionally pitch in, when they feel so inclined. Those in leadership positions know this to be true even more so than the membership, and know just how frustrating it can be to shoulder the burden of leadership, fund raising, accomplishing tasks, managing membership and the hundreds of other assorted details that must be tended to.
It has always been perplexing to me, how so many can claim an interest in some organization, cause or tribe and yet, put forth so little effort in the way of helping, attendance, donations/funding and pulling the weight to ease the burden of the few doing the work of the many. If something is important, wouldn’t you want to put forth the effort needed to accomplish the goals as set forth? After all, each and every person within that particular group also have similar responsibilities to family, work, home and the daily mundane demands of life and yet they manage to find the time to put in the work needed while others are busy giving excuses and reasons as to why they are simply far too busy.
The fact is, the brutal reality of it is, that those that find the cause, the tribe or the organization actually important will find the time, the means and the energy to put forth the effort needed to accomplish the tasks and overcome the challenges the group is facing. To those that are 100% onboard with the group will set aside what they are doing and push forward regardless of how oh so busy they may be at the time. After all, if it is important enough to belong to then it is important enough to dedicate time, donations and effort to. While it is easy to make excuses and reasons, it is the dedicated few that build and move the organization forward and yet it will be the very ones that gives reasons and excuses more often than not that have their hands out first when the difficult times set in. So next time the leadership asks for your help, asks for your time to assist with a goal, a task or obtaining needed funding, rather than giving yet another excuse or another reason as to why you are simply far to busy, busy , busy, take a break from your hectic life and actually be part of your tribe and community and get your hands dirty in the name of the Faith, the Folk and the Family.

Jarls Corner
Faith, Folk, Family

Faith, Folk, Family. That is the foundation of what we at Wotans Nation are all about. It is what each and every Folkish Tribe and organization out there should be about. Taking a stand for our Faith, the Faith of our ancestors, the Gods of our ancestors and the Gods of our blood. Our Folk, our genetic line, our Race as a whole, and our Family which isnt just about those that happen to be born into our immediate family but our Tribal Family, our Racial Family.
Becoming part of a tribe, ours or any others is not something that should be taken lightly, it is a commitment, an oath and becoming part of a family that reaches far beyond what most comprehend, it is becoming a part of something far bigger than yourself, becoming a part of a tribe means being part of a community where everyone helps one another, cares about one another and wants to ensure a future for our Faith, for our Folk and for our Family. Being part of a tribe means devoting your life, your existence to that very entity, that very community, that very real goal of fighting, literally, to ensure a future for our Folk and our White children. If one is incapable or unwilling to make such a commitment then one should refrain from becoming affiliated with or associated with such a Tribe and should find some weekend group or some card carrying organization in which to belong to so they can occasionally attend an event or rally and feel as if they are making a difference.
The Tribe, the community works together, as a family, to ensure that each and every member of that family, young and old, are trained, educated and cared for. That they belong and are a working and important part of that community, and that the Tribe as a whole works together to overcome various differences and works to strengthen one another and in turn, strengthens the Tribe as a whole. This is where the Tribe proves far superior to a mere organization. The tribe is family, the tribe is community, the tribe works as a close knit unit that has come together and can overcome situations, hardships, trials and the coming difficult times. The tribe will succeed where a mere organization will fail. While the organization may outnumber the tribe, at first, the tribe will work locally, will work daily to strengthen and unify where the organization will be spread out, and may hold meetings and trainings periodically and sporadically.
Not everyone that tries to become part of a tribe will succeed, not everyone will pass the tests but those that do will become a valued and important part of a community, of a family of folk that share a love of faith and share a desire to ensure a future for their children and their folk and will work together to overcome any obstacle and any hardships to make that goal take place and to make sure that tribe lives far beyond the founders and current members.