Hurricane Michael.png

As we all know, parts of Florida and Georgia were hard hit by hurricane Michael just days ago. Many of us have friends and family in the devastated areas and as we have seen in the news, the damage to homes and businesses has been just that, devastating. Wotans Nation is working in conjunction with other Folkish organizations to send much needed supplies, food and water to Southern Georgia and the panhandle area of Florida. We are asking that everyone donate what they can to support this effort to get food, water and other needed items to the people in these areas. One of our kinsmen in another organization has already departed and we have another leaving tomorrow. Doesn’t matter if you donate $5, $10, $100 as long as you donate something and every last cent donated will go directly to the areas impacted, the Nation nor any other group will take a dime for ourselves. If you are local you can meet us to drop off funding, water or supplies or donations or you can go to the Nations webpage at www.wotansnation.org and go to the “shop” and you will find a button that says “Hurricane Relief” and donate there. Again, any and all funds will be directed to those in need. We are Folkish and as such are called to help our own when they are in need, otherwise, what is the purpose? The next truck heads down to South Georgia and Florida tomorrow and time is of the essence with this and most stores and shops are either gone, looted or shut down. Help us to help our own in the name of Folk, Faith and Family!